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Baked Empanadas



1232 W Elizabeth St, C-2

Fort Collins CO 80521




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Pork Empanada

A Take Out and Delivery Spot

Don't expect a full dining experience here.  We have a few seats for a quick bite.. but we are primarily a take out and delivery spot!

Our focus is on maintaining the EXCELLENT QUALITY of our Empanadas! 


The Empanadas

Handheld little latin pies, these are the perfect food to grab on the go, bring to parties, or take home for lunch or dinner. 


The Savory Empanadas: a mouthwatering combination of tender Mayan and Mexican fillings, baked inside Argentenian inspired dough.


The Sweet Empanadas: Flaky, buttery dough filled with all sorts of custards and creams, and pie type fruit fillings, inspired from European and Latin cuisines.


These are not traditional, they are a creation. Bringing the best of our favorite worlds together, for a unique Empanada experience.

Raspberry Empanadas

Empanadas at your fingertips

A Few of our Google Reviews

“My Empanadas is exceptional! Very tasty and well prepared and you can choose among many menu options. I love that we got a mini tour of the origins of the flavors. Everything was hot and fresh, and you have different levels of heat for you to dip your empanadas in. Definitely will be coming back.” - Sara Gabriel, January 2024
"Oh, yum. I tried their chile relleno empanada and it was absolutely delicious. They had a wide variety in their case, both sweet and savory. This particular one was so good, I went back a few days later and had another. The employees were great, they bake it for you in just a few minutes (or you can take it home and bake it), and it's just so good." - Ava Diamond, December 2023
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