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Large Empanada Orders 

We do not provide catering "service," however we can do very large orders for pick up or delivery!  All that we ask is that you give us at least 4 days notice for orders of 60 empanadas or more.  

The empanadas come in large pizza boxes, with individual mini sauces. This makes them very easy to grab and eat at parties, with minimal clean up/ dishes. YUM! 

For large orders like this, please call us directly to place your order, at 970-672-8227.

CSU catering order Empanadas
Catering order chocolate espresso empanadas

Special Order Requests

We can do appetizer sized mini empanadas per special request, with a minimum of 30 minis per order. 

Gluten free or vegan? We've got you covered! We now make corn fried empanadas as well, that are both gluten free and dairy free/ vegan.


Vegan: when ordering, your options are Kale or Mushroom. Be sure to mention that they should be cheese free and corn fried, to be vegan. 

For any of these special requests, please give us at least 4 days notice, and call 970-672-8227 to place your order.

Other Catering

Other special requests? Here's a few things that we have done: 

- Mayan Tamales cooked in banana leaves


- Taco bar with beef barbacoa, all the toppings, guacamole and ceviche


- Breakfast burritos or lunch burritos

If you have some thoughts on a special request, shoot us an email at admin@my-empanadas.comand we'd be happy to get started with a quote.

tamales catering order
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